Here are the steps to install RML for Google Drive:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the free Remote Media Libraries (RML) plugin.
  2. If not installed, go to Plugins > Add New > Search for Remote Media Libraries and click install
  3. If already installed, make sure it is up to date by going to Plugins > Click update now for Remote Media Libraries
  4. Make sure to download RML for Google Drive plugin on your computer after the purchase.
  5. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin and upload the file.
  6. Add your purchased license key (you received from the email receipt) in Settings > Media.
  7. Create a new remote media library in Media > Remote Media Libraries > Add New and select Google Drive for the remote service.
  8. Enter a name for your Remote Library in the title field. This name will be used in the media library menu.
  9. Enter your Google Drive API Client ID and Client Secret in the appropriate fields. If you have no Client ID and Secret already, you will need to create Google Drive API credentials.
  10. Save draft at this point.
  11. Now, click validate. An authentication popup should open.Important: make sure to disable any popup blocker at this point, because the process opens a popup to redirect you to Google for authentication.
  12. In the authentication popup, login to your Google Drive. Then, you may see the screen below if your app is not deployed and verified. In this case, simply click Advanced > go to [your site domain] (unsafe).
  13. To enable your site to view and manage access your files, click Allow. Note: this is solely between your site and Google. No data concerning your Drive is accessed anywhere else.
  14. Upon successful authorization, a green checkbox will appear next to the validate button.
  15. Finally, you can set how the plugin behave when inserting Google Drive files on your site.  You can choose to copy items to your local media library or insert Google Drive URLs on your site. If you choose the keep media on remote host option, the plugin will set the file sharing option to public to anyone with the link for files that you insert on your site. This is to make sure that your website visitors can view the media item from your site.
  16. Now, publish your Google Drive remote library and you will have access to your Drive inside the Media Library when editing a post or a page.