For RML for Google Drive to interact with your Drive, you need to enable Google Drive API for your account and create a set of credentials. Here are the steps to do that:

1. Access your Google APIs Console and login with your Google Drive credentials.

2. First, you need to create a project. To do so, click on the Create Project button in the banner below. If you have a project already, you won’t see this banner and you can skip directly to step 5.

3. Now, click on the create button.

4. Next, insert a project name. Optionally, you can set a location for this project if you have one. Then, click Create.

5. Click on Enable APIs and Services.

6. In the Search for APIs and Services text input, search for “google drive” and click on Google Drive API that will show up in the result.

7. Simply click Enable on the following screen.

8. Access the Credentials > OAuth consent screen. You need to insert a product name. Choose a clear name like RML for Google Drive or your website name. Optionally, you can fill the other fields. Then click the Save button.

9. Access the Credentials > Credentials screen. Then, click on Create credentials and choose the OAuth client ID option.

10. Now, select Web application option and insert a name. Then add all domains on which you intend to activate the plugin in the Restrictions > Authorised JavaScript origins section. Similarly, in the Restrictions > Authorised redirect URIs section, add the base wordpress URL of your site with the added path /ocsrmlforgoogledrivecallback. For example, if your site base wordpress URL is, then you should add You must authorize this way every sites you wish to activate the plugin on. You may add/modify sites later if you wish. Once you are done, click Create.

11. Your Client ID and Client Secret should be displayed for you to copy in your remote library settings.

12. You can always come back to the Credentials > Credentials screen to view/edit your client ID settings or to add more sites or simply get your Client ID and Client Secret again. Simply click on the ID you wish to access.

That’s it! Your credentials are now ready for use. Grab your Client ID and Client Secret and paste them in the appropriate text fields labeled Client ID and Client Secret of your Google Drive Remote Media Library in WordPress (Media > Remote Libraries).