In order to use remote media libraries Flickr Pro extension, you need to create and API key and Secret using your Flickr account. Here are the steps to create your key:

1. Login to your Flickr account online as you would normally do

2. Go to

3. Create a new app



4. Choose the Non-commercial key unless you fit in the commercial requirements


5. Fill out the information, put you site name and description of your site briefly:


6. Click submit and grab your keys on the next page


7. Create a new Flickr Pro Remote Media Library in WordPress (Media > Remote Libraries) or use one already created.

8. Paste in your key and secret in the appropriate boxes


9. Click Publish

10. Authenticate using the validate button or the “authenticate now” link

11. Authorize the plugin to access your Flickr Account

12. You are done, now the Flickr account should show as enabled and active

You can now enjoy you Flickr account straight from the WordPress Media Library